Global Long-Term Suite of Surveys

Buck's Global Long-Term Incentive Suite of Surveys is designed to provide the market data compensation professionals rely on when evaluating LTI delivery to employees. In addition to providing detailed information on new hire and ongoing stock option plans, the survey also examines the usage of stock appreciation rights, full-value stock awards (including performance-accelerated stock and performance shares), cash-based plans, and program design issues in the United States and 39 other countries around the world.

Data submission is required to subscribe to the survey and is provided by completing both an online practices questionnaire and an incumbent-level data template.

Data Participation

Submit all of your employee pay data and we will provide you with Custom Pay Reports, Summary Trends, Functional Staffing Ratios and an Executive TDC report that adds additional information available from publically available sources.

Compensation planning for 2019

How do other companies use equity compensation?

That decision, for many organizations, was once a no-brainer. It now involves considerations that include dilution and expense control, country-specific regulatory hurdles and approvals, tax implications, cultural issues, and the suitability of one award type over another in attracting, retaining, and motivating employees, while giving the company the greatest return on its investment in the stock plan.

The LTI Policies and Practices are now included on our Compensation Planning Survey