Data Participation

Submit all of your employee pay data and we will provide you with Custom Pay Reports, Summary Trends, Functional Staffing Ratios and an Executive TDC report that adds additional information available from publically available sources.

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Custom Reports

As a subscriber you can create custom reports directly from our database, and, depending on your subscription type, you will also be able to see information for as many countries as you need.

Custom Reports
Long-Term Incentives
Executive Long-Term Incentives
LTI by Functional Area
Vehicle Comparison Analysis
Grants as a Percent of Headquarter Country
LTI by Career Level
Total Compensation
Scope by
Pay Bands (Pre-Defined by Country)
Functional Area (HR, Sales, etc.)
Peer Group (Select Countries)
Career Level
Weighting Method

Supplemental Reports

Summary Trend

This report, done in partnership with International Law Solutions®, analyzes data acquired during the last three years by country, and reports the trends over a three-year period with an added bonus of the tax implications and other laws that can impact which LTI vehicles are most cost effective.

Reports available for purchase

Functional Staffing Ratios

Gain insight into managers' and executives' span of control as well as typical distributions of employees across all key functional areas. Better understand how your organization can improve your competitive position by seeing how other organizations distribute their employees across functional areas. This can provide insight into the possible impact of technology on historically labor-intensive functional areas.

Reports available for purchase

Executive Total Direct Compensation

This report includes all the data submitted, complemented by additional executives' salary data available through proxy statements.